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Who we are?

Located in Shenzhen of China, MiscTek Technology Ltd. (MiscTek) is a designer and manufacturer of the innovative energy saving products, such as the LED light, portable charger and other useful gadget. The company is an LED tube light supplier has a vision of bringing a better energy saving solution to the customer with the possibility of saving money in the process.

What we do?

As a portable charger supplier, MiscTek has been designing and manufacturing LED light products etc since 2009. Our team of professionals in the LED lighting industry are always adapting and inventing new technologies to provide optimal solutions for our customers. We at MiscTek work hard to continually improve our products and services, as we believe that the products and services are a representation of our character, with the end user always in mind.

With the past few years’ development as an LED light supplier, MiscTek has a rich experience in the manufacturing of the LED light and portable charger products. The company has a mission to always provide durable and affordable products relying on the quality control system. In MiscTek, we not only pay attention to reduce the purchase cost of the final products, but also focusing on the reduction of the overall cost.

As an LED tube light supplier, MiscTek is committed to provide the cutting-edge technologies and support to the customers. We strive for exceeding customers’ expectation in every aspect we touch through close customer interaction and value-added services.

Supplier of LED lights, portable chargers and useful gadgets

Where we go?

During the past years, MiscTek has become one of the reliable LED light suppliers all over the world, and has launched a series of products which are widely and successfully used on roads, urban lighting, factories, mines, landscape, decoration and commercial lighting.

As a portable charger supplier, MiscTek is further developing the global markets with a goal to light the whole world with its products. We believe; We can.

Goal of supplier of LED lights, portable chargers and useful gadgets

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