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The Skilled Staff Shortage Hinders the Development in the LED Tube Industry

Written by the Human Resource Team
Tuesday, 23 April 2013, 10:30

A recent report by an international accounting firm Grant Thornton showed that the recruitment of the skilled staffs became a great challenge for most industries in China, especially the LED tube industry.

More than 30% of the Chinese businesses are struggling to fill vacancies of the skilled staffs, according to the report.

The situation is even worse in the LED light industry, as this industry is new in China and is currently lack of experienced designers.

“The difficulties in recruitment for the skilled staffs lie in two key aspects,” Alvin Pak said, a senior officer of the MiscTek Technology. “One aspect is that the workers are lack of the general work skills; the other aspect is that workers do not gain specific technical skills.”

“For example, some hired associated researchers on portable charger and solar charger products do not have firm technical skills related to the products,” Alvin said. “This makes it difficult for them to contribute to our research team.”

Alvin pointed out that under this circumstance, the successful job seeker would focus on the improvement on their general workplace skills, as well as the technical skills.

“Job seekers of the LED tube industry should improve their team work and communication skills, as well as the R & D skills of the LED light, in order to make them different in the fierce competition for employment.” Alvin said.

According to the report, the dilemma and difficulties in job seeking and recruitment are still prominent. “The current labor market is already saturated, and graduates know the severe situation of the employment market,” Alvin added. “Despite with this, the portable charger and solar charger manufacturers are still difficult to fill vacancies of the qualified staffs.”

Under such a difficult position, Alvin thought the only sustainable manner to get qualified labors was by the company’s own training programs.

“We need to develop good training programs of our own,” Alvin said. “We should develop our own talents of the LED tube products, rather than recruiting them from the labor market.”

The lack of the skilled labors also leads to the job-hopping season. According to the report, businesses were losing orders as their skilled staffs left, even though they increased the workload for the remaining staffs.

“The worse outcome is the bad influence on the new product development, such as the portable charger and solar charger products,” Alvin said. “A great project will not succeed without the right people. To maintain our R & D competitive edges, we are now retaining the current talents and replying on the training programs to build up our own talent pool at the same time.”

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