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LED Light Foreign Trade Faces Challenges in 2013

Written by the Global Marketing Team
Tuesday, 14 May 2013, 9:30

According to the Ministry of Commerce, China’s foreign trade still faces challenges in the year 2013, even though January’s figure showed a recovery in growth.

The Commerce Ministry spokesman said that in January the foreign trade increased stably from the end of last year, under the correct measures to stabilize the foreign trade.

“The foreign trade is not as prosperous as it showed in January,” Alvin Pak said, a senior officer of the MiscTek Technology. “Currently we do not see great improvement on the LED tube and LED light orders. We are quite conservative on the foreign trade prospect in 2013.”

The information from the General Administration of Customs showed that China’s foreign trade increase 26.7% to 2.17 trillion Yuan compared with last year, with 25% rise in exports and 28.8% in imports.

“The export increase of the portable charger and solar charger products in February may not be as high as 28% compared with last year,” Alvin said. “Some orders in January may include those in February, in order to be shipped before the Spring Holiday.”

Alvin also pointed out that the real trade in January was only a slow increase, and he thought it is still not optimistic on the prospects for the whole year’s foreign trade on the LED tube products.

“The biggest concern is the world economy,” Alvin said. “It is recovering at a slow growth rate. The current weak markets of the EU and Japan will further weaken the demand for Chinese exports of the LED light. Furthermore, the rising domestic costs and labor shortage will hinder the improvement of the exports on the portable charger and solar charger products.”

Alvin added that the RMB appreciation due to the weakening economy in the developed countries will increase the LED tube exporters’ costs, and thus resulted in losing their competitive edges.

“Under such circumstances, we need to diversify the export destinations for the LED light products to maintain the foreign trade,” Alvin said. “Chinese portable charger and solar charger products are still popular in Africa, Latin America and Asia. We should further expand these markets.”

Alvin also pointed out that the Chinese LED tube industry should rely more on the technological innovation to maintain the competitiveness, rather than relying on low costs. He thought some value-added services would help increase the exports on the LED light products.

“Though the exports in 2013 will be very challenge, I still believe this year’s figure will be better than that of last year.” Alvin said.

Last updated on Tuesday, 14 May 2013, 21:30

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