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The Prosperous Development of the LED Light Industry in China

Written by the General Adminitration Team
Mondy, 4 August 2014, 14:30

With the booming development of the economy in China, more and more energy saving products are adopted in the commercial and civil applications. The LED tube products become one of the most popular items. A report released by the government showed that the LED spotlight manufacturers had a good business this year. They had good profits in the first half of the 2014.

According to the semi-annual financial results released by the LED light association, 31 out of 38 manufacturers reported that they improved their total performance. These 38 companies took part in the association’s survey. These companies had a net profit grow by more than 50%, compared with last year’s performance.

“Some companies had very good profits,” Alvin Pak said, a senior officer of the MiscTek Technology. “It is reported that the highest profit growth is 215%. It is the great achievement!”

According to Alvin, the success of the company is attributed to the cutting-edge technology of the LED chips, which is used to control the lights and screens, such as the LED ceiling light products.

The LED light is the energy saving products. It is more efficient than the traditional incandescent bulb and the fluorescent tube. “The LED tube products can achieve 80% energy saving, compared with the fluorescent tubes,” Alvin said. “To save the planet, it is better to replace the traditional lights with the LED products.”

At present, China is the world’s largest LED manufacturing base. “In this industry, most companies are small firms,” Alvin said. “The current prices of the LED spotlight products are very high, and this is the reason why they are not widely used in the country, especially in the countryside.”

According to Alvin, these products are even not popular in the costal cities, where the personal income is relatively high. Let alone the rural area.

“The major problem of the industry is that the production capacity is much bigger than the domestic demand,” Alvin said. “The domestic market cannot consume the huge quantity of the LED ceiling light products.”

“This difficult situation forces the manufacturers to develop the overseas markets,” Alvin said. “They will think this is the only way to solve the over capacity.”

The Chinese government already noticed the problem. Under this background, a favorable policy was announced to prohibited the sales of the incandescent illumination over 60-watt. This policy will be effective after the October 1st.

“It is good to phase out the traditional incandescent illumination,” Alvin said. “People will fancy this idea as it really saves our earth.”

“The government also thinks out many methods to help the LED light industry,” Alvin said. “It starts to subsidize the use of LED tube products and encourage many shopping building and offices to install the products.”

Last updated on Mondy, 4 August 2014, 19:30

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