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LED tube light products at a glance

MiscTeck, as an LED tube light manufacturer, provides the make-to-order services for the wholesale LED tube light products. Below is the information of the standard products.

Model No.DiameterLengthBaseHousingBallast compatibilityCertificationWarranty
OvalTube 26 mm600/900/1200 mmG13AL + PCYesNoETL/CE/RoHS3 years
SurfTube 26 mm600/900/1200 mmG13AL + PCYes Yes CE/RoHS2 years
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LED tube light products 
LED tube lights OvalTube
More details
  • Model: OvalTube
  • Features:
    - No risk of electric shock during installation thanks to its ETL approved quality
    - Direct replacement for inductive-ballast-based T8 fluorescent tubes
    - Energy saving of up to 60% compared to T8 fluorescent tubes
    - Built-in isolated LED driver with a high efficiency of up to 89%
    - Power factor > 0.92
LED tube light SurfTube
More details
  • Model: SurfTube
  • Features:
    - Compatible with all kinds of T8 / T12 fixtures thanks to its special-designed driver
    - Long lifetime of at least 40,000 hours due to its patent-designed cooling system
    - 180o rotatable cap-bases for option
    - Wide beam angle of 140o
    - CRI > 80, efficacy > 95lm/W
* Electricity cost = $0.11/kWh * 1 year = 365 days, based on 10 hours per day
CategoryFluorescent tubesLED tubes
Power Consumption40 W20 W
Annual electricity cost$ 16.1$ 8.0
Useful lifetime3,000 hrs30,000 hrs
Toxic mercuryYesNo
DurabilityGlass - FragilePlastic - Durable
Ballast requirementInductive or electronic ballastNo need
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