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MiscTeck, as an LED solar light supplier, provides the make-to-order services for the wholesale LED solar light products. Below is the information of the standard LED solar outdoor lights.

Model No.typeEnclosureSolar panelBatteryCertificationWarranty
AirLanternLED solar lightPVCPhotovoltaic1,000mAh Polymer Lithium batteryCE/RoHS/FCC1 years
SwimGlimLED solar lightPVCPhotovoltaic750 mAh Polymer Lithium batteryCE/RoHS/FCC1 years
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LED solar light AirLantern
More details
  • Model: AirLantern
  • Features:
    - Compressible and reliable LED solar light thanks to its strong inflatable PVC enclosure
    - Easy to carry with when deflated like a CD case
    - Completely IP68 waterproof when inflated like a lantern
    - Long run time of up to 15 hours after a 8-hour full charge in bright sunlight
    - 4 operation modes: idle-mode, high-mode, low-mode, flash-mode
LED solar light SwimGlim
More details
  • Model: SwimGlim
  • Features:
    - Collapsible LED solar light thanks to its strong inflatable PVC enclosure
    - Folded like a cell phone, inflated like a pillow
    - Durable and 100% waterproof with an IP68 rating
    - LED lighting system powered by rechargeable battery which is charged by solar panel
* The actual charge time of LED solar light will be determined by sunlight intensity the solar panel received
Category Airlantern SwimGlim
Battery Capacity 1,000 mAh 750 mAh
Running Time up to 15 hrs up to 6 hrs
Charge Time in Sun 8 hrs 6 hrs
Deflated size Diameter*Height = 130*25 mm Length * Width = 110.8*50.8 mm
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