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Portable charger at a glance

MiscTeck, as a portable charger supplier and battery charger supplier, provides the make-to-order services for the wholesale portable charger products. Below is the information of the standard wholesale solar charger products offered by the solar charger supplier.

Item No.TypeInputOutput
SlimPower Portable charger5V / 800mA5V / 600mAX53.7V / 2000mAhFCC/CE/RoHS
DualPowerPortable charger5V / 1000mA5V / 2100mA5V / 1000mA113.7V / 7200mAhFCC/CE/RoHS
SolarPowerSolar charger5V / 800mA5V / 600mAX5.53.7V / 2800mAhFCC/CE/RoHS
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Portable chargers 
Portable charger SlimPower
More details
  • Model: SlimPower
  • Features:
    - Light weight and easy to carry with thanks to the ultra-thin design
    - Comprehensive protection over its internal 2000mAh lithium polymer battery
    - Compatible with iPhone/iPod/Galaxy S/Nokia/HTC/etc.
Portable charger DualPower
More details
  • Model: DualPower
  • Features:
    - Capable of charging two devices simultaneously with its dual output channels
    - Suitable for iPad, iPhone, Galaxy and many other mobile devices
    - In-fashion degisn with shiny surface and smooth curves
Solar charger SolarPower
More details
  • Model: SolarPower
  • Features:
    - Built-in high efficient monocrystalline silicon solar panel
    - A high-brightness white LED for emergency use as a torch or a flashlight
    - Compatible with cell phones of Apple/Samsung/Nokia/HTC/Blackberry/Sony/etc.
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