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The E27 LED Spotlight Design Guide

Written by the R&D Team
Monday, 08 December 2014, 11:30

With the characteristics of the low energy consumption, long life and good environmental performance, the wholesale LED bulb light has become the focus of attention at home and abroad. In the recent years, there are many successful application cases of the LED indoor lighting. For example, the use of wholesale LED tube light in the offices. With the favorable policies of the national and local governments, the traditional lighting companies restricted to invest the LED lighting production. With the rapid technology of the LED application and the huge market, the LED lighting manufacturer will have a good prospect. The most commonly used interior lighting fixtures is the E27, GU10 and other high-voltage AC 220 direct current (DC) of LED constant current source to drive the high power LED bulb source.

The general light source of the E27 LED spotlight is the LED chip, the shell of which is made of aluminum or other cooling structure. The good heat dissipation structure can guarantee the high power LED bulb to fade slowly. With the higher luminous efficiency of the high power LED, the E27 LED spotlight can replace the traditional 40w incandescent lamp. The wholesale LED ceiling bulb is an example. The E27 LED light bulb and the MR16 LED spotlight cannot have the problems of dead light and the shell leakage. The shape of the LED spotlight is shown in Figure 01.

The shape of the LED spotlight
Figure 01 The shape of the LED spotlight.


How to design the E27 LED spotlight?

According to the LED lighting manufacturer, the directional LED spotlights divide to two types, namely, the irradiation lights and the track lights.

As a wholesale LED bulb light, the LED spotlight is a directional and projected lamp. It is a local lighting. It has the characteristics of the high brightness, good color and easy control of the light distribution. With the improvement of people’s requirements of the business decoration, the LED lighting gradually is used in the commercial lighting. The wholesale LED ceiling bulb is an example. The wholesale LED tube light of the indoor lighting arrangement is often used as a supplement and other decorative light for indoor lighting consideration.

The light efficiency of the E27 LED light bulb is reflected by the power factor, the greater the rate factor the better the light efficiency. Normally the power factor of the MR16 LED spotlight can reach more than 0.9 (7W E27 LED spotlight above).

The E27 LED bulb design primarily refers to the LED light board and power supply design. According to the LED lighting manufacturer, the LED light board design of the public E27 mode is very important. In the design of the light board, the designer must combine the LED lens and LED lamp cup designs. For the integration of the LED lens, people should ensure that the LED light and the lens can be integrated. In the light board design of the wholesale LED bulb light, the designers should incorporate the electromagnetic compatibility, creepage and safety requirements. They can refer to the national standard GB7000. 1-2007, GB24906-2010 (safety), GB17743 2007 (electromagnetic compatibility) for details.

At present, most LED spotlight powers are built in the lamp body. The temperature of the internal power components is very high, which will directly affect the life and the stability of the MR16 LED spotlight. To solve the problem, some manufacturers use the glue association mode, which can improve the power and cooling capacity insulation.

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